TalentWorks: the Guide to Accessible Online Recruiting from PEAT

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Tips for Employment: shows two women behind a desk using assistive technology, one in a wheelchair

According to a 2015 survey of individuals with disabilities, 46% of respondents describe their online job application experience as “difficult to impossible.” To help, PEAT (the Partnership for Employment and Accessible Technology) has created an online guide for employers and HR professionals to ensure their online recruiting technologies work for everyone: TalentWorks.

TalentWorks provides advice on buying accessible “eRecruiting” products, adopting an accessibility policy, making your eRecruiting tools accessible and much more. It is also collecting success stories, ideas and additional resources from users. The site is currently dedicated to accessible recruiting, but has plans to expand to additional phases of the “employment lifecycle.”

Learn more at www.peatworks.org/talentworks and be sure to check out the infographic on Accessible Technology and the Employment Lifecycle.