Wiggling is Welcome with the ErgoErgo Stool

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Thanks to Melissa McKeon, MS, ORT/L, for this AT success story with Connecticut’s State AT Program

Looking for a solution for fidgeting students in your classroom? The ErgoErgo stool borrowed for trial from EASTCONN (a Connecticut Tech Act Project partner) provided an answer for one Connecticut classroom.

During a classroom observation, it was evident that several students were seeking excessive movement to assist with sustaining their attention to curriculum demands. At a consultation meeting with the classroom teacher, we discussed various seating options to trial with different students to help with focus and attention. Based on the students’ age, weight, height, and balance we opted to try the ErgoErgo stool.

EASTCONN’s Assistive Technology Lending Library has recently expanded its collection of assistive technology devices to include a variety of seating options for districts to try with their students. In addition to the ErgoErgo, the lending library also includes a Ballo stool, two Kore Wobble Chairs, and a Wobble Stool with a weighted bottom.

Cute smiling boy wearing 3D paper glasses seated on ergoergo stool which is a plug shape with accordion folds in yellow plastic.
The ErgoErgo stool encourages wiggling

After a brief in-service regarding safety, the classroom trialed the ErgoErgo for several weeks.

The results were impressive!

One student reported he was much more comfortable sitting on the stool versus using his chair. His classroom teacher reported that before using the stool, he would either stand or fall off his chair and now he is now able to sit and complete his work.

Another student said he likes using the stool because he can rock a little while using it and rocking helps him focus. According to his teacher, this student is able to stay focused on his work longer since using the stool as an alternative seating option.

The device trial was so successful, the school purchased an ErgoErgo stool of their own. And the EASTCONN lending library says the addition of alternative seating has proven so beneficial to schools, they are now exploring expanding further to include standing desks and desks with swinging footrests.

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