3 AT Resources You Should Know

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Thanks to Erin Swann, ATP, of the Maryland Technology Assistance Program for these assistive technology (AT) resources for ALS, Cerebral Palsy and more.

A family of five smiling and clustered over a tablet computer. The daughter has a developmental disability and is pointing at the screen with her mother.

On this “Things to Know Thursday,” we are bringing you three assistive technology (AT) resources that are packed with useful information.

The first is a website created by Amy Roman, a speech-language pathologist who works with people with ALS. She has compiled a wealth of information regarding communication for people with ALS who may lose the ability to speak throughout the disease progression. Topics on this website range from message and voice banking to speech generating devices to alert systems. Amy has even developed communication software called AlphaCore that addresses unique challenges that are specific to people with ALS. Check out the Amy and pALS website to learn more!

The next resource is a free app named the CP Channel, which was created by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. This app features educational, informational, and entertaining videos designed to assist people with CP, their family, friends, and professionals. This app is a must-have if you or someone you know has CP. Download it for free on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

The third resource we are sharing with you today lives on Pinterest. The Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota regularly updates their AT Pinterest boards, keeping you up to date on new AT devices, software, and apps. Have fun scrolling through this resource for people with all types of disabilities!

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