AT Tip for Voting–Voting by Mail

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In support of National Disability Voter Registration Week, July 16-20, 2018, AT3 News and Tips is providing AT Tips for Voting. Thank you AAPD for providing content for this post.

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Did you know?

Voting by mail through casting an absentee ballot is quickly becoming a primary choice for voting by many Americans. These ballots are mailed to the voter in advance of the election and the voter is responsible for mailing them back or dropping them off at their polling place or county elections office in time to be counted. In nearly all jurisdictions nationwide the absentee or mail ballot must be requested in advance. Contact your county elections office or consult their website for the deadline to request this type of ballot before each election. Here are state-by-state resources for voting with a disability and general state-by-state voting resources.

Some states allow any voter to request an absentee ballot, while others require a valid reason for why a voter cannot vote in-person. Additionally, some states allow voters to become a permanent absentee voter when they register to vote. This form of voting is an accessible option for voters with disabilities who encounter transportation barriers, but because it engages a paper ballot, it is not accessible to all voters with disabilities.

Register to Vote (takes an average of 2 minutes)
Live in a US Territory? Find how to register here
Voter Registration Deadlines from
 (subject to change)
Directory of state protection and advocacy voter assistance hotlines
Voter’s Guide to Federal Elections from the US Election Assistance Commission

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