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From automated smart dispensers to talking bottle labels, here are 6 tools for remembering and managing your medication.

Thank you, Brianna Lewin, Assistive Technology (AT) Center Support Professional with  Iowa’s AT Program, for collaborating on this post.

One: Talking Clock

Your Minder is a 6-alarm talking reminder clock that allows users to record their own messages. (“Good morning, Mom. Time to take your medication.”) Similar to the Reminder Rosie.
A digital clock with a large display and four primary-colored buttons.

Two: Automated Smart Pill Dispenser

Hero sorts and dispenses pills, and is linked to an app that reminds users and alerts caregivers of missed doses. The unit holds a 30-day supply of medication and can order refills automatically. More programmable pill dispensers to consider.

3 images: First is a large counter-top pill dispensing appliance, second is an app displayed on a phone, third are pill bottles. Above the phone is a Hero notification banner

Three: Pocket Pill Organizer

Azdent’s pocket organizer buckles securely closed yet has interior compartments that are easier to open for users with reduced dexterity.  More low-tech pillboxes to consider.

A small clear plastic pill suitcase in two images, one closed and one open showing 6 small interior compartments and two larger interior compartments.

Four: Vibrating Watch

The e-Pill Cadex VibraPlus Watch provides discrete tactile notifications to nudge the wearer up to 8 times a day. It does not require a smartphone. Choose between vibration and/or audio alarms. More vibrating alarm watches to consider.

Sport watch with digital display

Five: Monthly Pill Organizer/Reminder

MedCenter’s 31-day Pill Organizer with Reminder System features an alarm clock with up to four daily talking reminders (pre-recorded “take your pill”). Each calendar date box has pill compartments for morning, noon, evening and night.

31 numbered pill boxes with 4 compartments each arranged in a desktop holder with an attached digital-display alarm clock.

Six: Audible Pill Bottle Label

Talking RX custom-records and plays back voice instructions for pill bottles. The device attaches to the base of a pharmacy bottle. Voice playback is 80 to 85 dB. More AT for managing medication with a visual impairment to consider.

A prescription bottle seated in a Talking RX base that's shaped like a cup and has an on/off button.

Before you buy AT, be sure to check out this advice from the AT3 Center. Also, find your State or Territory AT Program for opportunities to learn about and borrow devices for short-term trial.

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