Happy #ATAwarenessDay Everyone!

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Assistive technology (A.T.) is everywhere, from our mobile devices to our eyeglasses, our wheelchairs to our grab bars, our speech-to-text to our text-to-speech. Today we celebrate how assistive technology makes a difference every day for most everyone.

To raise awareness about the importance of A.T., we reached out to our community of A.T. users, family members, and service providers to learn what you most love and enjoy. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Let these words of wisdom and photographs inspire you to create your own posts and share on your favorite social media platform. Happy #ATAwarenessDay everyone!

A woman holding a mobile device to her ear holds a sign that reads, Hearing-aid compatible phones and mobile captioning services help me to hear and understand voices on my phone.
“My favorite A.T. is my Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. They allow me to hear phone conversations and other media with greater clarity.”
–Shanna Groves, KS

“I have seen the power of matching the right A.T. tool with the right person from working in the field for decades. My favorite is showing someone text-to-speech; it’s simple and life-changing!”

A young woman seated in a power wheelchair uses a medication dispenser on a mounted tray.
“My favorite Assistive Technology is smart pillboxes. Medication management can be one of the number one activities of daily living that require assistance. With smart pillboxes, individuals can more safely manage their meds or be more involved in something they partake in every single day, allowing them more control.”
–A.G., MN

“One my favorites has to be the Seeing AI app from Microsoft.[…] It combines so many useful features for blind and low vision users into one easy-to-use, free app that is available across platforms. Where a person once needed to carry several bulky, expensive single-function items, they can now use Seeing AI for a variety of daily tasks from currency identification to color identification to barcode scanning.”

C.F., MN
A power wheelchair with a seat elevator and head support.
“My power wheelchair with the seat elevator makes it possible to read lips placing me at the same height as others. It also makes it easier to hear because my cochlear implant processor microphones are closer to the person speaking. My power wheelchair also helps me do many ADLs (activities for daily living) much more independently.” – Jodie McElwain-Rodregues, CT

“My favorite A.T. is my calendar and contacts app on my phone. The calendar app keeps me organized and the contacts app keeps me in touch with people.”

Carol Page, SC
A height-adjustable desk with a vase of flowers.
“I love the height adjustability of my desk. I can make the desk the exact height of my power wheelchair to accommodate my tray and if I need to tilt my wheelchair to change position and relieve pressure I can still easily access everything.”
–Jennifer Lortie, CT

“Communication apps on tablets! I love seeing people of all ages being able to communicate with others, sharing their joys and opinions.”

Anita Swanson, TX

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